Boston Tech Jobs

We make is a point at Boston Software Engineers to try and encourage startup and job growth in the greater Boston area. Our physical job fair events happen every few months and bring together our corporate sponsors with candidates seeking jobs. We also incorporated our physical job fair onto the Web with a 24/7 virtual job fair for members who can't make the physical events.

Our community is made up of highly trained and educated software engineers that need to access information on the go and from a multitude of devices. We wanted to give back to our community for coming to our monthly events so we have creating a virtual job fair platform that runs twenty four hours a day and seven days a week linking our community members directly with the companies sponsoring our events. Improving accesibility to local tech jobs involved designing a user interface that looks great in all the devices software engineers use and making it available all the time. We believe we have accomplished both of those goals with the Boston Software Engineer's Virtual Job Fair system.

Our Job Fair system was designed by engineers for engineers. We have used the latest HTML5 standards along with backend PHP server side scripting language to make the site run. The Foundation HTML5 Framework was used in order ensure that the interface looked good in all screen sizes. Boston Software Engineers embraces new technologies and simplistic design which is reflected in our job fair. The goal of this is to make sure our member base is employed and can achieve employment faster and easier

Boston Software Engineers (BSE) develops events that facilitate employment, intellectual discussion, networking, and learning opportunities for software engineers in the greater Boston area. We bring rockstar speakers and combine them with intellectuals, venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, software engineers, data scientists, authors and more. Our events are like none other in the Boston area when it comes to the latest technologies and engineering techniques. We invite you to join with us as we embrace the future and software engineering in the Boston region.